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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we have an on-site maintenance team.

Before you move in, we will clean the entire unit, reglaze the tub(s), apply new paint throughout the apartment, install new appliances such as a microwave, stove and dishwasher, renovate flooring to hardwood, etc. 

Before you move in, we will clean the entire unit, reglaze the tub(s), apply new paint throughout the apartment, install new appliances such as a microwave, stove and dishwasher, renovate flooring to hardwood, etc.

Yes, we have an on-site maintenance team.

When an item needs a repair, you would call our leasing office and from there we would be able to place a work order and give it to maintenance so that they can get to it within the next 48-72 hours.

If it's something minor, maintenance is able to offer their services within the 48-72 hour time-frame that a work order is created however, if it's an emergency, they'll get to it as soon as possible and have an emergency number they can be reached from before, during and after our main office hours.

No, you do not have to be present for a technician to do work involving a work order for your apartment but in order to do so, you would need to inform us that you give permsission to enter your unit.

If you are locked out, you may stop by the leasing office and so long as you have your ID on hand or sign our key log, you may borrow our spare key to let yourself back into your apartment.

You are allowed to decorate your apartment, however, it must be within the rules, terms and conditions that are listed within your lease agreement/addendums.


No, it doesn't cost anything to take a tour of our property. Please contact us to schedule a tour. 

While you're more than welcome to make an appointment in-person or over the phone, we also accept walk-ins as long as there is enough time before closing to conduct a tour.

Our management is fairly accessible. If you aren't able to meet us in person, you're able to call our main phone number which is (909)355-0139 and from there one of our leasing consultants would be able to assist you. Otherwise, we're located at 8600 Citrus Ave., Fontana CA, 92335 and as long as you drive through our main entrance during our office hours, you can dial our office code on the callbox and by doing so, we can manually open the gate for you and you would be able to park in one of our desiganted parking spaces for the leasing office and walk straight ahead into the office where one of our consultants can greet and assist you in person.

We have two different ways of applying, one is in-person while the other is online. For our in-person application, we may provide you with the physical copy of the application and in order for us to accept it, you must fill it out and give us the $35.00 application fee and $100.00 holding deposit fee in the form of two separate money orders or cashier's checks. For our online application, you would visit our website and through there you would create an account, submit your information and with the fees, you would pay for them using your credit or debit card.

As long as you provide all documents needed to finish putting together your application, it normally take us within 2-3 business days for us to approve the application.

Up-front, you would pay the costs of your first month's rent, your security deposit, gate remote deposit along with your pet deposit and rent. (if you're a pet owner) The amount varies from applicant to applicant but in the case of a one bedroom, rent would be $1,737 while a two bedroom would be $2,127. Also, the security deposit at the minimum would be $1,000 and it can potentially increase to double the rent based off you credit and rental history. The gate remote deposit is $25 and the pet rent and deposit would be $35 and $300 respectfully.

The best advice we could give to a first-time renter would be to work on building and having an established credit history and to set aside time to manage your finances for each given month to help with making sure you're paying your rent and utilities on time to avoid stressing out over running behind or paying an additional late-fee.

Your options for paying rent would be giving us a check or money order in person during our office hours, setting up an account and paying online through either Rent Café or Flex or dropping off your payment through our drop-off box in the back of our leasing office building at any time of day.

When it comes to paying your rent online, you can either use Rent Café or Flex. With Rent Café you can sign up at any time and after you provide us with your email and receive your resident ID code, it's as simple as opening the invite link, inserting your basic information and submitting your credit/debit card details after creating your account. The interface displays your rent and utility balance at all times and once you send in your payment for the month, it will confirm with you that we received it. With Flex, there's a flyer that we would be able to provide that contains the website and details for creating an account but the main thing is that you would need to have your account approved through the website by 5:00 pm ET on the 3rd of the month to be eligible for Flex making your rent payment for that particular month. If you sign up after the 3rd, you will be enrolled for the following month. Unlike Rent Cafe, Flex will cover the rent for you between the last day of the prior month through the first 5 days of the month. However, in order to qualify, you can't have an outstanding rent balance, must have a minimum credit score, have a valid debit card that has a history of deposits, (no pre-paid cards), be a current resident at our property and have funds in your account to cover the first installment payment before the 5th of the month. Rent Cafe will only use what's currently in your bank account while Flex will make a payment for you in advance. However, it's your responsibility to pay them back within the same month or come up with a payment plan to avoid having a balance.

The fees you could potentially face would be your late rent fee of $50 if you didn’t pay rent on time, your ulitity bill fee which is charged every month, (it's $30 for a one bedroom and $40 for a two bedroom), and your renter's insurance fee if you enroll under the one we provide on-site or if we need to enroll you if you fail to provide us with proof of your own renter's insurance policy (the policy itself costs $20 and how much you would pay if you're temporarily enrolled depends on how many days you had the policy for)

Yes, it is a requirement to purchase renter's insurance at our property.

The utilities that are included in your rent would be trash, water and sewage.

Once you're officially inputed as a resident in our computer system, you would either receive an email or letter in the mail that states your utility charge and from there you're able to give us your payment before the end of the month. (even if you don't recieve a notice, you still have to give/send us your payment)

You're more than welcome to use any provider, as long as you follow the rules stated in your lease agreement. However, we do have a vendor from Spectrum who offers his services if you're interested in using them as your provider.

We do not offer a bonus if you were referred by one of your friends.

You may have overnight guests for no more than 7 nights in any month, and no more than two overnight guests at a time unless we provide specific approval. You must obtain our prior written consent to change residents or add additional occupants within the residence.

The only lease agreements we offer are a one year lease term and a month-to-month term and as of now, we do not offer a price reduction for rent if you pay a year in advance. However, if you decide have sign/renew for one year, your rent amount wouldn't be at risk of increasing for that set year and the price would be significantly lower compared to having your lease at month-to-month since there's always a risk of it increasing at any point.

If you were to transfer to a new apartment community, you would more than likely need to pay another security deposit. However, if you put in your 30 day notice and included your new forwarding address, we would be able to send you your old security deposit in the form of a check from Beacon Property Management in the mail and you would receive it within 2-3 weeks.

No, you're not allowed to sublet your apartment.

If you were to break your lease, you would need to pay a fee of $1,500.


There is public transportation within close proximity of the buildings, with there being a few bus stops located on Citrus Ave., Arrow Blvd. and Merrill Ave.

Our community is nearby FUEL UP! Gas Station, Zipline Express Car Wash, and a mini plaza that has a bargain store, a Tacos Unicos and a pizza place.

We are within the Fontana Unified School District.

The nearest dog park would be on-site, located near the very back of our property right next to the exit gate.

Near the exit of our property, there is a back street named Tokay Ave. If you were to make a right and drive straight down to the intersection, you would keep going straight to cross the other side and right near an orange traffic light, there's a long path that extends to the left and right that is bike and walker friendly.

The residents we have more than likely shop at some of the shopping plazas located near our property such as Foothill Plaza, Citrus Shopping Plaza, Fontana Square, Summit Heights Gateway, Falcon Ridge Towncenter, etc.

The nearest coffee shop would be Starbucks and it is located at Foothill Plaza at 16192 Foothill Blvd. It is about 5 minutes away from the property.


We offer an on-site gym, a laundry facility, pet park, a pool and spa. Please visit our Amenities Page to learn more. 

During the summer season, our pool and deck is available Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-10pm, Sunday from 9am-9pm and on Mondays it is closed for its weekly maintenance.

Yes, parking is available. Each resident receives one assinged parking space and there's two open parking areas that are available to guests, vendors, etc., to park at.

The washer and dryer hookups are located in a building behind the leasing office, right in the center of the entire property.

Our community is pet friendly.

In regards to pet fees, in the case of having a dog or a cat, there's a pet deposit that is $300.00 and for pet rent it is $35.00 per month.

The weight limit for dogs and cats is 25 pounds and in terms of breed restrictions, pitbulls aren't allowed. (Both aren't applicable in the case of having a service/emotional support animal.

Yes, there is a pet park located near the back of the property, right next to the exit gate.

We do not offer furnished apartments.

Since we do not offer furnished apartments, there isn't a way to check availability at the moment.

Once a resident surpasses their first year, they may be provided the option to renew for another year or adjust their lease agreement to be month-to-month.

For short term leases, we offer month-to-month leases.

No, we do not offer corporate leases.

The hours at the fitness center are currently the same as our leasing office hours. It is open from 9am to 6pm Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays.

The type of exercise equipment that is in the gym are treadmills, elipticals and a weight trainer.

There isn't a fee for using communal areas, however, residents or resident related properties may not use them for business, fee-generating or fund-raising purposes unless we otherwise agree in advance and in writing (which we may grant or withhold in our sole discretion) We don't have building quiet hours, but you may not create a nuisance and disturb other residents will excessive noise such as loud TVs, stereos, voices, etc., as stated in our lease agreement.


To get to our community, the two easiest ways would be to either take the Citrus Ave. exit off of the 210 freeway and head straight down Citrus Ave., (Arrow Blvd. would be your landmark to know when you're near our property), and from there the property would be on your right before passing the train tracks or you would take the Citrus Ave. exit off of the 10 San Bernardino Freeway, head straight down Citrus Ave., (Merrill Ave. would be your landmark to know when you're near our property), and once you drive past the train tracks, it would be on your left. However, if you take the route near Merrill, you would need to make a U-Turn on Arrow Blvd. in order to enter the property on the right since there's a concrete barrier that keeps you from making a left turn to automatically enter. 

You may also visit our MAPS page to get detailed directions. 

The nearest cross streets would be Tokay Ave., Arrow Blvd. and Merrill Ave.

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